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~ Even Sky is not  the Limit ~

Covid 19 has sparked our readers' creativity in many ways. Here are some lovely articles on the topic 'Even sky is not the limit' which inspire the readers to look beyond the horizon and achieve their goals.

Even Sky is not the Limit

Eyes wide open; awake for the very first time. I was staring outside the airplane window, so intrigued by what I saw. The sky was smothered with stars that lit up the night and encompassed everything down to the horizon. I had never seen anything like it before. It was like pulling the curtain to a whole new world. There were so many stars; I couldn’t help but stare at one for a second, and then quickly switch to another. Eventually my eyes transitioned close to the horizon, and I noticed all of the cities that lit up the earth below me. The lights were all thickly clustered together as one and they glistened like fireworks. Roads of light spewed out from the cities like veins, curving and twisting all around. I looked up from the cities on the ground and looked up at the stars above me, and looked back towards the ground. I was about thirty thousand feet up in the air, well above the sky, and millions of light- years away from the stars. The vast distance of the stars made me feel suppressed and insignificant, small and undefined- which sparked my thirst for more. “The sky is the limit” was out of the question. I was well above the sky yet I still felt small because there was no “limit” and I wanted to keep moving forward. I was past the skies so I would strive towards the stars, even if they were millions of light-years away. I felt optimistic for what would lie ahead of me since I had no limits to what I was capable of. We limit ourselves to the skies and sell ourselves short. We create goals to reach the skies but once we get there, we stop.
The sky is never “the limit”. Instead, there is no “limit”.

- Anushka Singh, 6B

Push the Boundaries

I was floating in the emptiness of space. It was as dark as coal, as if I was stuck in a big black hole for all eternity. Everything was out of reach and I had lost all hope. 

Then, suddenly I could see a beautiful blue light across the horizon. I was seeing the thin layers of the Earth’s blanket. The light became brighter and livelier. Gradually, a ray of dazzling white light struck my eye. Everything came into sight. I could see that huge ball of light that was once wolfed by Bal Hanuman. I looked down, and I could see the stunning surfaces of our homeland, filled with a combination of blue, green and white colors. Finally, I looked up at those countless number of sparkling diamonds, together making a breathtaking stream in the dark sky, trying to fill up the endless universe.

 It made me realize that in fact there is no boundary to dreams, passion and curiosity. Today we are sailing into this never-ending universe because of our courageous ancestors, discovering that the sky was never the limit. With perseverance, determination, guts and by pushing the boundaries, we can achieve anything. 

Just do what you believe and believe in what you do, all else is a waste of energy and time. The sky can never be the limit when there are footprints on the Moon!

- Suhani Sanghi, 7C

Even Sky is not the Limit

“The sky is not the limit, it is just the view.” The statement means that no matter how difficult the work is, we can achieve it with hard work. Many people in the world have difficulties. However, not all lose hope. Many keep courage and do the hard work. Some people do not work towards their dreams because they think that it would be very strenuous; however it is just the point of view. If we look at it in a different way, we might think that it is just a piece of cake. A living example for this is Arunima Sinha -- an amputee mountaineer. She climbed Mount Everest with her amputee leg. Deepa Malik, an Indian athlete who is wheelchair-bound started her career at the age of 30 and is the first Indian women to win a medal in Paralympics games. For these famous personalities who went beyond their physical capability, the sky is not the limit. We should follow their footsteps and work hard in our lives to achieve success in life.

- Avishi Kondal, 8C

Even Sky is not the Limit

As a little kid, I was never concerned about the atrocities people faced each day. As long as I had my dolls with me, everything was perfect. But, as I grew up, I realized that I couldn’t be any wronger.

I realized about the extremities of violence that took place worldwide every day, every second. In our own motherland, it is practically impossible for a woman to roam on the streets without creeps catcalling or assaulting her. Crimes have reached such unimaginable heights.

What would it take for all this to end? I have been told that seeking perfection is a sign of a ‘low emotional quotient’. While it might be true, I can’t help but feel that this tag of ‘immaturity’ might actually be preventing us from making the world a better place to live. I won’t lie and state that this can be achieved with the snap of a finger, but it certainly isn’t far-fetched. All we need is persistence to build a humane society where everyone could live peacefully. And when that day occurs when we’d have vanquished such great hurdles, I’ll believe that even sky is not the limit.

- Anvita Iyer, 11A

Even Sky is not the Limit

“It is the point where one dies of thirst just when palm trees have appeared on the horizon.” – Paulo Coelho in 'The Alchemist'. If you fall down 7 times, get up 8 times. We’ve been told countless times to not give up if we face a setback. We get easily stressed out if something doesn’t go our way. But what we do not realize is that we have got enough privileges to be grateful for, still, it’s human nature to focus on the miseries and hardships. Numerous people have shown that we can do wonders if we start tending to our talents rather than being grumpy because of all the plights. Going on in spite of challenges is what changes one’s destiny.

Renowned English physicist, Stephen William Hawking, when first went to Cambridge University to study under his dream teacher, he was rejected since all the slots had already been filled. As a result, he had to work under somebody else. In the same year, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease just at the mere age of 21. The disease was sure to hamper his ability to move and speak. Stephen Hawking went on to make significant contributions to cosmology and the origin of the universe. His book, 'A Brief History of Time’ set a Guinness World record by being the Sunday Times bestseller for 4 and a half years!!

Ocean Vuong, the bestselling author of “on Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous” , revealed in an interview that he wrote some of his books in a closet!! It was because he lived in a small rented room with many other roommates which made it difficult for him to get any personal space. He is a big, reputed author now.

Oprah Winfrey, who was abused as a child, ran away from home as a teen and even lost a child at the age of 14. She’s now one of the richest women on this planet, which speaks volumes about her determination.

All of these examples show that no matter how many obstacles one gets, one can still soar above all the pain. You may as well reach the sky but even that is not the limit, it’s just the beginning. One continues to fly.

- Aarushi Alreja, 11C