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From the principal's desk

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first days of Kindergarten; for others it is the feelings that come with the ending of the school experience.  Some experienced the excitement of moving to a new school, while others saw something fresh about a school they have known for quite some time. 

We have a new school cabinet that you have all interacted with during the summer holidays. I wish these bold new leaders good luck as they take on the mantle of responsibility and hope to see them perform their duties with dedication. I also wish the outgoing cabinet and the students of Class XII the very best as they finish their last year of school and move to the outside world as ambassadors of our school.

We have a fresh new editorial team that takes on the challenge of bringing you the news of the school and all individual and community achievements. Our theme for the coming term is to “Dream Big.”  Children should dream big things, and I hope that each Carmelite holds big dreams in their hearts for their friendships, their future, and their impact on this world.  As adults we know that not all dreams come true, but children are blessed with vivid imagination and the ability to dream without doubt.  Our goal at Carmel is to let the children have fun imagining their big dreams and then give them the tools to pursue them for we believe girls who dream become women with vision.

I wish you all luck for the new term. God bless you all!

Dear students,

As we embark on the second term I want to take a moment to reflect on just how special this year has been.  When we entered the new school year in March none of us knew exactly what to expect.  We had just been through a year of online schooling and faced all the issues associated with it together, and just when we thought things were getting better came the terrible upheaval of the second wave that affected so many of our extended family. I have always believed we are ‘many neighborhoods but one community’ and throughout these troubled times we have drawn on the strength and goodness of that community to embrace our faith and our conviction that we’re all in this together.

As we move on, we reiterate this faith and draw from its strength. We start Term II with the hope that it will be the last online term and we can start regular school soon. All of us will have personal highlights from this school year.  For some it will be the excitement of the 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been very similar to an intense ride through the mountains, with the automobile carrying all of humanity going uphill and downhill in random patterns constantly and giving jerks, jolts, jitters and pains of jeopardy at each milestone. However, as unsettling and restraining as this period may be, one can not lose hope and strength.

Thus, self help is the best solution to keep one sane and mentally healthy during these times. Simple exercises like meditation, workouts, communication with friends and family if one feels low or melancholy, pursuing some hobby or trying new skills, etc. can keep one motivated and ready to take on new challenges. 

We hope all our readers become self reliant so that they can take on the pandemic and accompanied challenges without depending on others for support- both mental and physical.

Self Help in the Times of Covid

From the Editors

Teacher in-charge : Rajdeep Bains
Members : Anshika (XI B), Dishita (XI B), Khewa (XI D), Lukshita (XI C), Nupur (XI B) and Samaira (XI A).